About us

Why this island is special.

​​This small island is probably the last place of its kind in Thailand. One of the main things that sets us apart from other toursit desitinations is that all of the people who live and do business here are actually from this island and so Koh Bulone Lae has managed to maintain its identiy and origional community over other places that have been taken up by investors, big business and corporations. In a world were independant business are replaced with chain shops, shopping centres and big brand names its fair to say that Bulone remains a kind of refuge from all of this.

The island is wild and so all of the existing infrastructure that exists on the island, as limited as it is, has been provided and is maintained by the people of Koh bulone at a significant cost and when the season is over life returns to being as simple as life gets.

Meet our team
As some of you may know Thai culture places alot of emphasis on respect for females. The women in our family are extremely strong people and in many ways they hold the entire operation together.

The grounds staff

Many of our guests have spoken positivley about how clean our beach is and how well kept the resort grounds are. There is a reason for this and it's our team. They work very hard and it is because of them that the grounds remain as clean as they do as everyday the sea brings more plastic to the island. 

Restaurant team

Around the begining of January 2019 I asked a guest what he thought of his first time here. His answer suprised me. He said "You can really see that it is a family business because you get a different kind of service that you don't get anywere else." I suppose for us the atmosphere seems normal as it is an everyday thing. But for some people the difference in atmosphere here stands out from other places. I guess its a subtle thing.

The Captain

Our boat captain has been driving the long-tail boats since he was about 15 years old and has gotten us safely through some monsoon storms that were genuinely scary. High waves, gale force winds and the cold rain lashing our faces in a boat heavy with supplies and with zero visibility. But he got us home safely. So the clear blue waters of the tourism season are nothing for this man.